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Camping Holidays with Kids

When it comes to family-friendly holidays, one of the most exciting and fun options is a camping trip. Getting out of the city is a enjoyable bonding experience that creates fond memories for every member of the family, regardless of age. So, to ensure that family holidays go as smoothly and positively as possible, consider the following suggestions.

For family-friendly holidays to go smoothly and enjoyably, a lot of preparation is necessary. In addition to making sure that everyone has their own sleeping bags, bedrolls, tents, etc., bring along additional blankets, pillows and chairs. Prepare as much food as possible at home so that it can be made ready with minimal preparation and is readily available when children return to camp hungry after their outdoor adventures.

Spending a few days outdoors requires the right clothes and gear. What may work in the city may not be appropriate for a campsite. Bring sturdy clothes and shoes that are right for the weather, as well as the chosen camping location. While kids may love branded sleeping bags with their favourite characters on them, not all of these products are resilient enough for use outside of the family living room. So that everyone’s snug as a bug at bedtime, make sure that the children’s sleeping bags have been adequately rated for outdoor conditions.

As exciting as nature can be, the truth is, kids get bored. After a few days in the great outdoors of hiking and making campfires, children might be ready to switch up the entertainment. This is especially true if the weather turns nasty. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities that are camping-appropriate and don’t need any electricity. Board games, card games, balls, colouring books, and puzzles are all great activities for kids that everyone can enjoy on family holidays. If the terrain is right, bringing bikes can be fun as well.

As fun as family camping holidays can be, they are also a prime time for skinned knees, bug bites, and burns. Plasters, insect repellent, bandages, and disinfectants are all essential items that you need to have on hand. Be sure to brush up on first aid procedures for the most likely injuries such as burns, sprained ankles, bruises and cuts. It will also be good to become familiar with the types of plants and animals that may be encountered in the area you’re going to and what safeguards and precautions may be recommended or required by local authorities.

There are many great locations for family friendly holidays across Great Britain. For a less outdoorsy experience still within reach of secluded wilderness, the Red Shoot Camping Park in New Forest, Hampshire is specifically geared to families. Arthur’s Field in Cornwall is a very popular summer camping destination. Beddgelert Campsite in North Wales is an ideal location for family holidays when the dog can’t be left at home, and Ardgartan in Dunbartonshire features hiking, water sports, and plenty of beautiful wildlife.

Many campsites have been designed specifically to meet the needs of families with children and feature a host of activities from building cabins, to hiking, to rope swings. When it comes time to take family-friendly holidays away from the city, there is a wealth of choices that both adults and children alike will enjoy.

Have fun!

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