Photo Tour: Costa Rica

Photo tours give me a chance to list all the reasons why I loved visiting (or would love to visit) a place. Today, we’re looking at sunny, gorgeous, Costa Rica and why it’s on my travel wish-list.

Clear water, interesting dive sites, cool underwater critters…everything I read says Costa Rica’s the place to be under the sea. I did visit Costa Rica as a kid, though, sadly, long before I got my Open Water certification.

Geology never fails to fascinate me. From the knobby karst hills of southern China to the sloping loess of the Palouse in Idaho, the contours of the land beneath our feet are as endlessly interesting as they are diverse. Volcanic formations, then, are high on my list of stuff to see when picking a destination. Costa Rica has a whole string of active and inactive peaks.

I must have been a monkey in a former life, because when I go somewhere new the first thing I want to do is climb up high and get a better look around. From clock towers and church spires all over Europe to one of China’s holy mountains, I’ve taken a ton of pictures near the sky. Costa Rica’s volcanoes would be one fun thing to climb, but, judging from photos of the Central American rainforest, taking a stroll along a bridge built into the canopy would be a top-10 kind of experience.

Oh, I like sunrises all right too, when I see them. But I seldom miss a sunset. Especially on vacation when sunsets=sundowner cocktails.  Costa Rica’s local spirit is fiery guaro, but teetotalers could substitute for fruity refrescos or horchata.

Window shopping is a fun activity for me even when I’m traveling on the most shoestring of budgets. You can learn so much about a culture and a country by what they put on their shelves and what they put in their mouths at dinner time. Costa Rica’s open-air fruit markets, like the one pictured above, are great for browsing, taking pictures, and finding a snack.

What would you like to do in Costa Rica?

(Top photo adapted from “Rainbow Over Costa Rica” by Flickr user Sarah Ackerman/CC BY2.0)

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